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Creative blast in the LEGO House.

2020 what a special year! The Corona side effects hit ourselves heavily: from one day to another I can’t return on my job in China in the end of January; since the middle of March our boys Kindergartens are closed; in the end of March

Leonardo da Vinci

STEAM forward by integrating Art into STEM

STEM is a modern teaching method in schools all over the world that has gained in popularity during the past several years. The interdisciplinary balance between the subjects Science, Technology, Engineering and Math challenges children in many different ways.    Job markets are changing quickly

Creativity matters … more than you imagine!

As the father of two young boys, I have become more and more interested in education and how to support them in the best way. A few months ago, I watched one of the most successful TED talks ever: Sir Ken Robinsons „Do Schools Kill

Less is More

For us Designers great design means that it is simple looking, easy to understand and reduced to just a few functional buttons. We call it “form follows function“.