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STEAM forward by integrating Art into STEM

STEM is a modern teaching method in schools all over the world that has gained in popularity during the past several years. The interdisciplinary balance between the subjects Science, Technology, Engineering and Math challenges children in many different ways. 


Job markets are changing quickly and they will continue to change in the upcoming decades due to AI and other technological disruption. The new evolving jobs of the 21st-century will require a combination of creativity, critical thinking, and problemsolving skills. Children of the 21st-century need to learn those skills to be prepared to cope with the unknown future.


After the big success of STEM, many teachers realized that there is one important part missing in STEM: ART! By adding art we can enhance the STEM system with higher levels of creative thinking and problemsolving abilities, which will give children the chance to be even more innovative and powerful. By enhancing STEM to a more creative, natureinspired process, we can evolve it to become STEAM. 


The greatest thinkers and innovators on the planet mastered the perfect harmony between science and art. Leonardo da Vinci was both an outstanding artist and engineer; which makes him the perfect designer! The complex problems human nature is facing today and in the future requires broad thinking, self-confidence, and a high level of innovative skills.


By introducing Creative Design Thinking to children, we are empowering children to tackle current and future problems from many different ways to find the perfect harmony between nature and technology.

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