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My mission is to help children to develop their full creative potential.


How to prepare our children for the future?

10 skills you need for future employment:


1. Creativity

2. Emotional Intellingence

3. Complex problem solving

4. …


Soft skills companies need most in 2019:


1. Creativity

2. Persuasion

3. Collaboration

4. …

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The 5 most important job skills for the future:


1. Emotional Intelligence

2. Creativity

3. Flexibility and adaptability

4. …


 Creativity is one of the most important abilities for the future job market.


Support your children in the development of their creativity now!

Why should our children learn Design Thinking?

Creative Design Thinking is the method that develops the vital lifelong skills your child needs to put their break through creative ideas into tangible solutions.

Being creative, confident and flexible will empower your children now, and support their future success.

Don’t just take my words for it.
Let’s hear what proud parents say about my courses.

“It’s so great what Fabi has created there. My girls (10, 10 and 6 years old) are so fascinated and never stop drawing. “

Julia H.

“Last night at dinner we had a big brainstorm with everyone about the design story. That was very exciting and totally inspiring. “

Steffi B.

Let‘s play to be a designer!

Design Thinking for children is promoting children’s skills in the following aspects:

• complex problem solving skills
• being visionary
• turning imagination into reality
• increasing self-confidence
• improving presentation skills
• handling of an interdisciplinary workflow

Let’s empower our children to design their FUTURE!

The online courses are designed and developed by Fabian Kreis.

Fabi is a professional car designer and father of three boys.

As an Exterior Car Designer he was working all over the world in various international teams. Now he combines his design knowledge and experience with the latest teaching methods to make this online program a unique and fun learning method.


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