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Creative blast in the LEGO House.

2020 what a special year! The Corona side effects hit ourselves heavily: from one day to another I can’t return on my job in China in the end of January; since the middle of March our boys Kindergartens are closed; in the end of March we have to move out of our apartment and at same time we can’t move over to China as a family and on the top of that we don’t have any income anymore!…We were lucky that my parents have space for us so we are not homeless in a time where Hotel are closed neither you are allowed to stay in an AirBnB!


After the lockdown in Germany and having intense family time for several months it was time for a summer break. But where to go? What to do?


We decided to go to Danmark: a lovely country with super friendly danish and the home of LEGO! Since our boys are just 2 and 4 years old the LEGO House looked like the perfect match for us. It is located like the huge LEGOLAND in LEGOs hometown Billund. Right in the center of the small city and it is surrounded by cute typical Danish brick stone houses, small shops, a delicious bakery and a couple of Restaurants. 


The Lego House was opened in the year 2017 and designed by the famous danish architect BIG. From the outside it is looking like made out of huge LEGO stones. After our arrival we enjoyed to explore the House from the outside with its several terraces and outstanding rooftop playgrounds for free. 


The next day we explored the House from the inside. We felt very welcomed, the super friendly LEGO guides help you whenever it is needed and make the day in this outstanding building even more enjoyable. The exhibition itself is a great mix with awesome LEGO models from the past and the present, many displays with outstanding LEGO models build by LEGO fans, and several different areas where your family is very welcomed to built, to explore and to be creative with millions of stones. 


If you and your children like LEGOs then I highly recommend you to go there and spent a day or even one and a half like we did. This gives you enough time for playing outside and inside without a rush.


Walk around the #LEGOHouse. Discover the Playgrounds! FABISDESIGN kids in Denmark

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