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Create Your First Real Design Project

This program is developed by a professional car designer and especially designed to enhance the creativity and success of children of all ages.


You and your children will be guided through the entire design process. You will learn how to handle a complex and interdisciplinary project in a playful manner: from getting the first idea to presenting the final product.



Online Designclass developed by Fabi your Coach and Designer.

Outline of the Design Summer Camp:


1. Discover Your Passion.

Welcome to your own Design Studio at home.


2. Outline Your Ultimate Dream Project.

Set your vision and get ready for take off.


3. Boost Your Knowledge and gain Inspiration.

Discover the world to create the foundation of your ideas.


4. Start Your Inner Idea Engine.

Sketching your dream in a cool and simple technique.


5. Turn Your Vision into Reality.

Build your dream in a cool model.


6. Present Your Design to the World.

Brush up your project and present it like a Designer.


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