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The Online Design School that boosts your children’s creativity to the next level.

In this 6 week video course your children will learn how to draw everything in a simple way and how to conquer complex problems with innovative solutions.

Learn to draw Sketchnotes. This technique will help you to draw, understand and resolve complex tasks.

At the same time you will memorize many things very easy. 

Learn and practice different creative and drawing techniques to enrich your mental tool set. You will practice for example brainstorming, design sketching and many other cool techniques that will help you to come up with cool ideas.

You will use all the skills you learned during the week. I will challenge you with a cool Design Story and a problem that you will resolve. You will come up with innovative ideas for complex and interdisciplinary problems in a playful method.

And the very best: you will have fun! 

It will not feel like learning.

Your children will feel empowered and motivated to tackle any task. After this course they will know the tools to conquer difficult problems in a creative way.

Let’s start to train your brain today and enlighten your creative fire now.

Everyone can learn to sketch and to be creative.

What you will get:

Six weeks intense creative training:

• 6 lessons “Sketchnotes”

• 6 lessons “Creative and Sketching Techniques”

• 6 lessons “DESIGN Stories”

= more then 6h video content!


                                    For only    

FABIS Creative School for kids will open very soon. Stay tuned…

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